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Ermington 東方療法诊所

Welcome to LZ Chinese Medicine Clinic

Ermington Oriental Therapy Centre

Manager, Chinese Medicine Practitioner Hongmei Li


Professional Background

  • Hongmei is the founder of LZ Chinese Medicine Clinic. She has been working in traditional Chinese medicine since 1993, and practicing Chinese Medicine in Australia since 2005. 
  • She obtained bachelor and master’s degree on Chinese Medicine from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine respectively, and is currently a PhD candidate in Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.
  • Hongmei has obtained remedial massage Certificate from Australian Nobel College.


  • Hongmei applies acupuncture, remedial massage and proprietary Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and cell basic nutrition treatment in her practice. 
  • Her focus in practice includes chronic disease control and prevention, prolactin (use of massage and/or natural botanical herbs, to solve postpartum no milk or less milk of new mother), neck and shoulder pain, lumbar disc herniation, sports injuries, anxiety, depression, advanced cancer support. 
  • Hongmei’s vision is to keep her clients away from the pain of disease and enhance healthy cells growth. Dear friends, if you have long-term painkillers, sleeping pills, and still have no effect, please talk to her!


Hongmei  is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Consultation Arrangement

Consultations time: By appointment

+61 2 8872 3492

+61 433 759 958

Specialised Modalities


Hongmei LI


  • Remedial massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology Massage, Pregnancy | Hot Stone Massage


  • Chinese Acupuncture, Auricular acupuncture

Other therapies

  • Ear Candle, Foot Detox Energy Spa, Skin Scraping Chinese Moxa, Cupping

Area of interests

  • Hongmei is also a prolactin (use of massage and/or natural botanical herbs, to solve postpartum no milk or less milk of new mother)